Four Barreled Shotgun

CALIBER:  .410 Magnum and .28 bore
ACTION:  Elaborate Anson & Deeley system with sideplates. Manual safety.
TRIGGER:  Single
BARRELS:  Chopperlump
STOCK: Select Turkish walnut, made to client’s specifications.
WEIGHT:  7 lbs 8 oz / 3.4 kg. (410 bore)

The Rombo – Only One in the World

Our flagship model, a product of brilliance and mathematical genius, is named after the Rhombus, a shape with four equal sides first identified by the Father of Geometry, Euclid, in 300 B.C. Our four-barreled shotgun shape emulates the rhombus and is named to honor Euclid and his contributions to mathematics – the inspiration to our masters and the principles which are the foundation of the art and science of gunmaking.